The Guptasarma lab is looking for enthusiastic individuals interested in research in the following
areas: (i) mechanistic and applied studies and engineering of enzymes, (ii) proteins involved in DNA
organization, gene expression and genome packaging, or (iii) protein-protein and protein-
lipid/carbohydrate interactions relevant to cell-cell contacts.

1. Ph.D scholars – we are looking for those with Masters’ degrees in Biological or Chemical
Sciences or Bachelors’ or Masters’ Degrees in Technology/Engineering who hold valid and
activable doctoral research fellowships from a national agency.

2. Postdoctoral fellows – we are looking for those with doctoral training in molecular and
cellular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, or computational biology, from any active

3. Project assistants – we are looking for those interested in short-term, target-oriented
project assistantships to carry out work in enzymatic degradation of biomass and plastics.

Those who are interested can contact with a copy to, enclosing a current CV and a covering letter.

The lab/PI will write back whenever there is an interest in an applicant.

The laboratory has funds available for taking people in each of the three categories above.
However, for a Ph.D position, additional institutional (IISER) criteria will apply.