Gurmeet Kaur hails from Amritsar, Punjab, often referred to as the city of gods. She is also called a Pan Indian by other lab members because she has visited and lived in several states of India. She joined the Guptasarma lab in August 2022. She pursued her MSc degree in Botany from Panjab University, Chandigarh, in 2022. During her initial year of PhD, she worked on biomass degradation. Then she shifted her focus to DNA binding Protein during Starvation (DPS). She is keenly interested in understanding the role of iron storage in DPS. Currently, she is merging her practical knowledge of biomass (Cellulose) degradation assembly (Cellulosome) with DPS. Along with Mr. Archit Gupta, she is engineering a biomass degrading assembly that will be more efficient and stable than any other cellulosome to date. Apart from lab activities, she finds solace in nature, cooking, introspection and watching horror, thrill and suspense-rich movies. She strongly believes in “Semper ad meliora et ad maiora” which means always towards better and bigger things. 

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